The '100 Places' Trend Continues

Since The English Project launched its campaign 'A History of the English Language in 100 Places' to identify the top 100 places worldwide which have have had the greatest influence on the English we speak today, the 'top 100 places' idea has been spreading.

The latest campaign, by none other than Britain's official cultural agency, Historic England, is called 'A History of England in 100 Places' and seeks to find the 100 places which bring England's extraordinary history to life. Among the contenders are Abbey Road Studios and the birthplaces of Jane Austen and William Shakespeare. Other potential locations are 23 and 25 Brook Street in London, which remarkably saw Baroque composer George Frideric Handel and 1960's rock legend Jimmi Hendrix living as neighbours, albeit 200 years apart!  Read about the Historic England project here .

The English Project's campaign was inspired by our best-selling book 'A History of the English Language in 100 Places' by Bill Lucas and Chris Mulvey.  The book has been described as a joyous ride through time, where readers can criss-cross the British Isles and the world at large, to land in a hundred contrasting places and alight on a hundred wonderful topics that bring the extraordinary story of the English language alive.

To read more about the book and order your copy go to: 'Philip Pullman Praises the New English Project Book' .